Fun & Cool Kids English

Starting from 3 years old, my classes are fun and entertaining for kids. Through playtime, songs and book work, I can get your children & teens inspired and motivated - English can be fun & cool! Classes are only given in English. My first class is always free, to ensure 100% satisfaction. Classes available from Monday - Friday, afternoons.

Corporate English Classes

Available every morning, from Monday - Friday. Specialized vocabulary and role play for each situation. Specific experience and materials for Sales Departments, Real Estate Agencies, Banks and Customer Service Departments. I will go to your place of work and impart the classes to your employees based on your corporate needs.

Preparation Classes for Official Exams

Depending on your level, we can work together to prepare you for an official English certificate (all levels, A1-C2). Available every morning, from Monday - Friday.

For further information and to book your first FREE lesson, please email me at:

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